At first glance, the photos and memorabilia that fill the walls of Average Joe’s Sports Pub & Grub may look like generic sports bar decor, but if you look closer, you may find a small part of all of us on these walls. Average Joe’s Sports Pub & Grub is dedicated to the softball players, the volleyball players, the bowlers and the Gus Mackers of the world who play hard for the love of the game.


This establishment recognizes, that at one time or another, most people dream of becoming a star in the games they love. We have dedicated the walls of Average Joe’s to you the weekend warrior, the average beer-drinking, hot dog-eating sports fanatic, who may have fallen short of their goal of becoming a professional athlete, but, who have, none-the-less, persevered and become stars in your own right. There are, of course, a few items that have been donated by over-achievers; those certain individuals who have gotten the breaks you deserved and gone on to the prosperous sports careers that can actually pay the rent.

Don’t miss your chance to be honored here at Average Joe’s, where everyone’s an All-American. Bring us any item of your sports memories that you do not need returned, and we will proudly display it. Just ask any employee how you can become a part of this monument dedicated to the Average Joe.

And, while you’re here, any of our Average Joe All-American employees would be honored to autograph your menu so you can take it with you. Show the folks at home that you, too, have a place of honor at Average Joe’s.